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16 rules of makeup that turned out to be myths

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16 rules of makeup that turned out to be myths

Modern girls read about millions oftips onhow tochoose and apply cosmetic products. However, not all ofthis advice istruly useful and safe.

Bright Side decided tobust the most well-known makeup myths that westill believein.

Myth #1: Red lipstick isnot for everyone

Myth #2: Weshould throw mascara away when itdries

Myth #3: Ifyou dip amascara wand into the tube several times, you can get rid oflumps

Myth #4: You dont really need toremove makeup before going tobed

Myth #5: Cosmetics dont have anexpiration date and can beused until they run out

Myth #6: You can avoid washing makeup brushes ifyoure the only person who uses them

Myth #7: Cosmetic products dont gobad

Myth #8: You can apply waterproof mascara every day

Myth #9: Moisturizing cream can easily replace primer

Myth #10: Concealer goes before foundation

Myth #11: Foundation has abad effect onyour skin

Myth #12: Eyebrows should be2tones darker than hair

Myth #13: Tomake lips look fuller, you should over-line them

Myth #14: Dark eyeliner makes eyes look bigger

Myth #15: Foundation isnot allowed around the eyes

Myth #16: Blue eye shadow isarelic ofthe past

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