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23 Tricks Are Guaranteed To Turn Your Moving Nightmare Into An Easy Transition

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23 Tricks Are Guaranteed To Turn Your Moving Nightmare Into An Easy Transition

Its always exciting to get a fresh start in a new place, but the actual moving process.Here are 23tips to do the whole thing yourself and save your sanity while youre in the process of moving.

1. Stack paper plates in between your real plates to keep them from smashing.

moving hacks 1

2. Use your big pots to lug spices, salts and oils. when and if they spill a bit, youll just wash out the pot.

moving hacks 2

3. Buy a divided wine bottle box at the groceryfor your glasses.

moving hacks 3

4. Use a checklist to manage everything you need to do. Its more gratifying to be able to tick off what youve already done and see your list in small, manageable chunks.

moving hacks 4

5. Theres even an app for that.

moving hacks 5

6. Pack makeup with a cotton ball inside to keep powders, like foundations and eyeshadow from cracking.

moving hacks 6

7. Use this time to get curtains, area rugs and couch covers professionally cleaned.

moving hacks 7

8. Take a picture of how your electronics are put together. Youll be able to just follow your photo when youre hooking them back up.

moving hacks 8

9. Pack your closet on the hangers inside plastic bags. It will help them stay in order and will keep moving grime off them.

moving hacks 9

10. Or go the extra mile and vacuum pack your clothes and blankets.

moving hacks 10

11. Put pillows, blankets and throws inside dresser and ottoman drawers.

moving hacks 11

12. Add a little extra protection against leaks by wrapping plastic or cling wrap around bottles.

moving hacks 12

13. Lock the pumps of your soap and lotion dispensers back in place by pushing down the lever and turning the cap, the same way they were when you bought them.

moving hacks 13

14. Cut handles inside boxes to make them easier to move. Reinforce them with duct tape for extra heavy loads.

moving hacks 14

15. Make sure to load up your laundry baskets before you move them.

moving hacks 15

16. Rent a dolly. Its a few extra bucks, but youll save your arms and back while youre hauling your boxes.

moving hacks 16

17. Color code boxes with tape or markers to take boxes to the right room when youre moving them in.

moving hacks 17

18. Use rubber bands to keep doors from locking you out when youre going back and forth.

moving hacks 18

19. Rent padded blanket wraps to protect your appliances and furniture. Theyre a small expense, but its worth the peace of mind to not have to worry about dings and scratches.

moving hacks 19

20. Clean the new space before you unpack. Youll get all the dust bunnies and dirt youve tracked in out of the way before it comes into contact with your stuff.

moving hacks 20

21. Have an overnight bag handy. This way, you wont be looking at a mountain.

moving hacks 21

22. Hire sitters for the little ones. (Kids and pets.)

moving hacks 22

23. Drain any dangerous and messy fluids, like motor oil or gasoline, before moving.

moving hacks 23