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Making the Most of Your Floor Plan

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Making the Most of Your Floor Plan

Create Pathways

Keep furniture to the outside of the room to maximize visual space for buyers. But dont push everything up against the walls; keep it floating as much as possible to create a sense of airiness. Ideally, there should be clear pathways around all pieces of furniture and to all exits and entrances. You may need to remove a few pieces of furniture to make the room seem more spacious.

Keep Things Neutral

Dark colors make a room seem smaller, so paint dark walls with a light neutral color. The same goes for furniture: cover dark upholstery with light-colored slipcovers or throws to fool the eye, but make sure to use fabrics that arent heavily textured.

Trick the Eyes with Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best tricks to maximize the feeling of space in a small area. Replace wall art with mirrors to create an optical illusion of never-ending space. Placing mirrors opposite windows will also reflect sunlight and the view, in essence doubling their impact.

Remove Rugs and Drapes

Rugs and drapes tend to look heavy and draw the eyes down in a space of any size. While these certainly help ground a living space, potential purchasers want to see clean lines and as much clear space as possible to be able to envision their own lives in the home.

Keep Things Low-Profile

Low-profile furniture is an easy way to instantly add the feeling of more space to your rooms. Overstuffed couches and massive chairs may be comfortable, but they inhibit maximum use of the room from the buyers perspective. Consider putting bulky furniture in storage and renting low-profile pieces to help sell the house. Glass coffee and end tables always take up less visual room than heavy wooden ones.

Emphasize Windows

To begin with, make sure all of your homes windows are sparkling-clean and the woodwork is freshly painted. Think about removing drapes or dark or heavy-looking blinds, or at least have them open or pulled up when youre showing your house. Wooden blinds are a nice feature, but will make the room look smaller.

Remove Clutter

Clutter has a way of taking up visual and physical space and sends a chaotic vibe to people. Conquering clutter will make a room look larger and allow buyers eyes to rest on clean spaces. Clear it out, but dont just throw it in a closet buyers look in closets too!

Make it Bright and Light

Using higher-wattage bulbs with a daylight spectrum adds the illusion of extra natural light and enlarges even the smallest space. Turn on the lights in both daytime and nighttime showings of the house so buyers can see the effect.