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7 Cheap Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Feel Like Its Brand-New

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7 Cheap Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Feel Like Its Brand-New

If yourhome has you down in the dumps but you lack the cashto fix it up, dont despair! Not every upgrade has to take a big bite out of your bank account.

Here are seven foolproof ways to make your home feel like atotally differentplace through small changesand small expenses.

1. New hardware

Swapping out the boring chrome hardware the previous owners installed can go a long way toward making your home look likeyoursnot to mention give the entire space an easy, inexpensive refresh. Depending on your style, new pulls or handlescan costmere dollars.

The first thing I do to give the home more of the look and style that I like is swap out the hardware, saysDoug Mahoney, who worked in construction for 10 years and now writes about tools and home improvement forThe Sweethome. All it takes is a screwdriver, and its surprising what a difference it can make.